Daryan Salih is a professional photographer with over

13 years of experience in the field. Daryan started his career in Television as a 3D Graphics designer and has worked as a freelancer for many different companies within the media. Daryan's work covers advertisement, beauty, fashion, wedding photography and video production. In addition, he produces album covers for singers. Daryan lives in the beautiful city of Stockholm with his wife.

Daryan had always loved to work as a photographer from a very young age. Daryan has great passion for photography, which has made him see life in a very beautiful way. If you are a photo fanatic, if you are looking for high quality professional photos, if you are interested in preserving your life's great moments, if you want to show the world what a great looking person you are, then hurry up and contact Daryan Salih to set up a photography session appointment. We are ready to photoshoot Wedding pictures, Wedding anniversaries, graduation prom, model photoshoot, personal events, and advertisement. Please do not hesitate to contact us and ask questions in this regard.


Daryan Salih

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